Get Started!

The Tutorial
If this is your first time here and want to see what RenJS is all about, The Tutorial game will show you all about it. Play it to have a first look at how a RenJS game looks like, and learn the basics of the script language at the same time.

Play online

The Quickstart
The Quickstart is a minimal game all set up for you to start writing. If you're new and want to explore and try RenJS, this is the first step (after playing the Tutorial!).


Latest RenJS Library
If you already have RenJS up and running and want to keep up to date, download the latest version, or import it directly from the cdn.


RenJS GUI Builder
The GUI Builder is a desktop app to create Graphical User Interfaces for RenJS visually, by dragging and dropping the components.


Examples Gallery
Learn by doing with this collection of examples that go from the basics of RenJS actions to adding new functions with the Plugin System. Play the examples online, check their code or download the examples package to execute locally.

Check the gallery

The Docs
All you want to know and more about how RenJS works. Find here how to setup the game from scratch, what each part of the configuration means and a detailed explanation of each and every Story Action.

Check the docs