Numbered Choices Plugin

  - show store: CONTINUE
  - show marco: normal
  - marco says: Welcome to the Numbered Choices plugin example. Let me show you how it works.
  - marco says happy: What's your favourite animal?
  - choice:
    - marco says normal: And here's the trick, you can use the keyboard numbers to choose an option.
    - "Dogs":
      - marco says: I like dogs too! That's why they are number 1.
    - "Cats":
      - marco says: Cats! Interesting choice.
    - "Penguins":
      - marco says: Unusual choice, but I can see the appeal.
  - marco says: This plugin will automatically add numbers to the choices and bind them to the keyboard press, but only for the default choice box. 
  - marco says: If you GUI has more choice boxes, you could modify this plugin to select the right choice box before adding the numbers.
  - marco says: Did you know that players can also press the spacebar to continue after a text? Try it now!
  - marco says: That means that with this plugin you can now create games that can be fully played just with a keyboard, isn't it cool?
  - choice:
    - Yeah! I love keyboards:
      - marco says happy: Me too!
    - I guess:
  - marco says normal: Well, that was all! You can grab the plugin code and try it now with any of your games!
  - endgame:

  defaults: # Default transition when showing/hiding
    characters: FADE
    backgrounds: FADE
    cgs: FADE
    music: FADE
  say: CUT 
  visualChoices: FADE
  # Set the NUMBERCHOICES transition to the text choices default transition
  textChoices: NUMBERCHOICES
  menus: FADE

class NUMBERCHOICES extends RenJS.Plugin {

	boxes = null;

	onInit(params) {
		const choiceHandler =;['NUMBERCHOICES'] = (from, to, position, scaleX) => {
			if (to){
				this.boxes = {}
				for (var i = 0; i < choiceHandler.boxes.length; i++) {
					this.boxes[i] = choiceHandler.boxes[i]
					this.boxes[i].label.changeText((i+1)+". "+this.boxes[i].label.text)
			return, to, position, scaleX);
		} = (pressed) =>{
			if (!this.boxes) return;
			const chosenBox = this.boxes[pressed-1]
			if (!chosenBox) return;
			this.boxes = null;
			// dispatch box on click



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