Pacing, Voices and Text Styles

  - play storeBGM:
  - show store: CONTINUE
  - show liz: AT RIGHT CONTINUE
  - show deuzi: AT CENTER CONTINUE
  - show jair: AT LEFT CONTINUE FLIP
  - deuzi says happy: Hello! Do you like my new (color:#f593e6)voice(end)? I've always wanted to be a singer, you know.
  - jair says: "Eh, I think...(pause: click) I think...(pause: click) It sounds really good."
  - liz says angry: What? Who are you and what did you do with Jair?
  - jair says angry: I just think it's pleasant to the ears, that's all. What, are you (italic)jealous(end)?
  - deuzi says: "(bold)Hey!(end)(pause: 750) No need to fight about such things, I think we all sound great."
  - show jair: happy WITH CUT
  - liz says normal: I don't want to fight, but don't you find it weird Jair has something (italic)nice(end) to say for the first time, like, ever?
  - deuzi says: "Yes, it's weird, but I'm sure he'll find something nasty to say sooner or later."
  - jair says angry: Tsk, that's what I get for being honest.
  - endgame:

  store: assets/backgrounds/store.jpg

    displayName: Deuzilene
    speechColour: "#ca90cf"
    voice: voiceHigh
      normal: assets/characters/Char3Normal.png
      happy: assets/characters/Char3Happy.png
      angry: assets/characters/Char3Angry.png
    displayName: Liz
    speechColour: "#d5e6e7"
    voice: voiceMedium
      normal: assets/characters/Char2Normal.png
      happy: assets/characters/Char2Happy.png
      angry: assets/characters/Char2Angry.png
    displayName: Jair
    speechColour: "#6a2b2b"
    voice: voiceLow
      normal: assets/characters/Char4Normal.png
      happy: assets/characters/Char4Happy.png
      angry: assets/characters/Char4Angry.png

  storeBGM: assets/audio/Evan_Schaeffer_-_18_-_Big_Tree.mp3
  voiceLow: assets/voices/lowvoice.wav
  voiceHigh: assets/voices/highvoice.wav
  voiceMedium: assets/voices/mediumvoice.wav

  OUTLEFT: #Outside of the screen, left side
    x: -133
    y: 600 #The y should be at the bottom of the screen
    x: 133
    y: 600
    x: 400
    y: 600
    x: 400
    y: 600
    x: 666
    y: 600
  OUTRIGHT: #Outside of the screen, right side
    x: 933
    y: 600

  defaults: # Default transition when showing/hiding
    characters: FADE
    backgrounds: FADE
    cgs: FADE
    music: FADE
  say: CUT #How to change character expression in say action
  # Transition to use when showing/hiding choices
  visualChoices: FADE
  textChoices: CUT
  menus: FADE
  # transitions can be skipped by the player by tapping
  skippable: false

# Fade transition time, in miliseconds
fadetime : 750
# Time in each action that waits (e.g. text and say) when skipping
skiptime: 50
# Time in each action that waits (e.g. text and say) when auto playing
autotime: 150
# If logChoices is true, previously chosen choices will be shown in a different color
logChoices: true
# Default waiting time for timeouts if not specified
timeout: 5000
# punctuation can add extra time when showing text in the message box, per special character
punctuationMarks: [".",",","!","?",":","-"]
# when a punctuation mark is shown, X extra puntuation wait times will be spent after adding the next character
# the total amount of wait will be this value multiplied the text speed
punctuationWait: 5

precomputeBreakLines: true

  textSpeed: 60
  autoSpeed: 150
  bgmv: 0.8
  sfxv: 0.5
  muted: false

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