Choices and Conditions

  - play storeBGM:
  - show store: CONTINUE
  - show liz: normalC AT 500,600 CONTINUE
  - show deuzi: normalC AT 300,600 CONTINUE
  - show jair: normalC AT LEFT CONTINUE FLIP
  - show marco: normalC CONTINUE AT RIGHT
  - marco says: So, who's your first pick?
  - choice:
    - Liz:
      - var partner1: Liz
      - liz says happyC: See you later then!
      - hide liz:
    - Deuzilene:
      - var partner1: Deuzilene
    - Jair:
      - var partner1: Jair
      - jair says angryC: Uh? Are you sure about that? We'll see then.
      - hide jair:
  - if ({partner1} == "Deuzilene"):
    - deuzi says happyC: I knew it!
    - hide deuzi:
  - else:
    - deuzi says angryC: What? How could you!
    - show deuzi: normalC WITH CUT
  - marco says: Ok, now choose a second one, just in case.
  - scene: secondPartner

  - choice:
    - Liz !if ({partner1}!="Liz"):
      - var partner2: Liz
      - liz says happyC: See you later then!
      - hide liz:
    - Deuzilene !if ({partner1}!="Deuzilene"):
      - var partner2: Deuzilene
      - deuzi says angryC: About time!
      - hide deuzi:
    - Jair !if ({partner1}!="Jair"):
      - var partner2: Jair
      - jair says angryC: Uh? Are you sure about that? We'll see then.
      - hide jair:
    - Marco !if (!{choseMarco}):
      - marco says: What? You can't choose me!
      - var choseMarco: true
      - marco says: So, who's it going to be?
      - scene: secondPartner
  - marco says: Ok, all set, we should be going...
  - hide CHARS:
  - marco says: Wait!!!
  - show marco: happyC AT CENTER
  - marco says: I almost forgot, I was told you haven't got a phone yet, so you can have one of mine. Choose one.
  - visualchoice:
    - phone1 AT 620,300:
      - var phone: phone1
    - phone2 AT 180,300:
      - var phone: phone2
  - marco says normalC: Ok, to summarize, your partners are {partner1} and {partner2}.
  - marco says: I'll give you a call to your new phone.
  - if ({phone}=="phone1"):
    - show phone1: AT 620,300
    - play ringtoneSFX:
    - text: Tururu Ruru Ruru Ruruuuu
  - else:
    - show phone2: AT 620,300
    - play ringtoneSFX2:
    - text: Pi Pi Ri Pi Ripi Pi Ri
  - marco says: Now go, your partners are waiting.
  - hide ALL:
  - endgame:

  store: assets/backgrounds/store.jpg

    displayName: Deuzilene
    speechColour: "#ca90cf"
      normal: assets/characters/Char3NormalSchool.png
      happy: assets/characters/Char3HappySchool.png
      angry: assets/characters/Char3AngrySchool.png
      normalC: assets/characters/Char3Normal.png
      happyC: assets/characters/Char3Happy.png
      angryC: assets/characters/Char3Angry.png
    displayName: Liz
    speechColour: "#d5e6e7"
      normal: assets/characters/Char2NormalSchool.png
      happy: assets/characters/Char2HappySchool.png
      angry: assets/characters/Char2AngrySchool.png
      normalC: assets/characters/Char2Normal.png
      happyC: assets/characters/Char2Happy.png
      angryC: assets/characters/Char2Angry.png
    displayName: Marco
    speechColour: "#123022"
      normal: assets/characters/Char1NormalSchool.png
      happy: assets/characters/Char1HappySchool.png
      angry: assets/characters/Char1AngrySchool.png
      worry: assets/characters/Char1WorrySchool.png
      normalC: assets/characters/Char1Normal.png
      happyC: assets/characters/Char1Happy.png
      angryC: assets/characters/Char1Angry.png
    displayName: Jair
    speechColour: "#6a2b2b"
      normal: assets/characters/Char4NormalSchool.png
      happy: assets/characters/Char4HappySchool.png
      angry: assets/characters/Char4AngrySchool.png
      normalC: assets/characters/Char4Normal.png
      happyC: assets/characters/Char4Happy.png
      angryC: assets/characters/Char4Angry.png
  phone1: assets/objects/phone1.png
  phone2: assets/objects/phone2.png

  storeBGM: assets/audio/Evan_Schaeffer_-_18_-_Big_Tree.mp3
  ringtoneSFX: assets/audio/nokia6210-24-elise.mp3
  ringtoneSFX2: assets/audio/alcatel-top_secret.mp3

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